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Looking to improve HCAHPS scores and insights, all while lowering costs?

Healthcare providers are facing increasing pressure to improve patient experiences while enhancing productivity and operational cost savings. With our indoor mapping and location platform, providers are able to benefit patients and staff alike by creating an environment that is both situationally aware and patient-centric.

Our indoor mapping platform allows you to add indoor turn-by-turn navigation, indoor location-awareness, and context-aware messaging to your hospital wayfinding mobile app. Our platform goes beyond traditional indoor wayfinding solutions, delivering a home-to-hospital experience for patients.

Jonathan Witenko

"Jibestream makes a complicated technological space easy to swallow. With the tools, platform, support, and communication the Jibestream team has delivered, we were able to build a solution that not only satisfies our business requirements, but also dazzles our patients."

Jonathan Witenko, Senior Business Systems Analyst – Project Manager, Lee Health

Key Benefits

Streamline Hospital Journey

Reduce stress and help visitors and staff better navigate your facilities through location-awareness.

Create Indoor Intelligence

Gain insights into how your space is being used and optimize the use of hospital resources and personnel.

Deliver Connected Healthcare

Integrate with other healthcare specific applications and systems to deliver real-time healthcare information.

Provide smarter more efficient healthcare experiences

Optimize healthcare by integrating data with indoor maps so hospitals can connect, communicate, and collaborate more effectivelyThe modern medical complex consists of multiple buildings each with several floors, a maze of hallways, numerous elevator shafts – an overall complex layout. Our goal is to help hospitals improve patient satisfaction through location-aware indoor technologies. 

Jibestream indoor navigation

Indoor navigation

Reduce stress and create familiarity in complex spaces. Help patients, visitors and staff get around. Show them where they are, where they're going, and how to get there, with real-time landmark-based navigation.

Jibestream asset tracking

Asset tracking

Save millions of dollars and decrease the number of lost or stolen assets. Accurately track and visualize the location and movement of patients or personnel and equipment, such as wheelchairs, in real-time - on a map.

Jibestream personalized messaging

Contextual messaging

Deliver hyperlocal content to patients, visitors, staff and workers. Create virtual boundaries and use them to trigger greetings, targeted messages, or notifications while learning about user patterns by analyzing location data.

Jibestream Healthcare Map Profiles

Personalized maps

Create multiple map views and routes and control who has access to them based on a user's profile (ie: hospital personnel routes, patient and visitor routes, service providers, etc).

Jibestream Healthcare Home-to-Hospital


Deliver a comprehensive experience across the continuum of care. Provide route options guiding patients, guests, and visitors from their front door to the closest available parking space at an entrance nearest their care venue, and right to their destination within the facility.

Jibestream Healthcare Seamless Integrations

Seamless integrations

Realize workflow efficiencies and create a more positive experience for patients across the continuum of care through connected technologies. Easily integrating with other healthcare specific applications and systems.

Jibestream Healthcare Indoor Location Analytics

Location analytics

Gain valuable insights into patient behavior and resource utilization. Leverage this intelligence to improve patient healthcare experiences, optimize staff productivity, and streamline workflow efficiencies.

Jibestream Healthcare Operational Efficiency Indoors

Operational efficiency

Monitor and visualize infrastructure systems and services on a map. Receive alerts when something needs servicing, identify rooms ready for cleaning, control temperature and lighting systems.

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