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Embarking on this journey in a rapidly evolving market is not a simple process. Our experienced team of solution engineers and map experts will help you navigate the seas to identify and solve your spatial challenges.



Jibestream is a highly configurable indoor mapping and location platform that provides the security, extensibility and versatility to meet your evolving needs. Create and maintain tailored solutions using our SDKs, APIs and web-based CMS.



Jibestream’s technology agnostic architecture and open APIs provide interoperability and allow for seamless integration with other systems and applications increasing the reach, flexibility and value for each user.

Address multiple use cases with a single platform

Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation

Make places instantly familiar with real-time turn-by-turn experiential wayfinding.

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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking

Track and visualize the location and movement of people and objects in real-time, on an indoor map.

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Map Profiles

Map profiles

Create permission-based profiles and grant users access to different map views based on their profile.

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Spatial Business Intelligence

Spatial business intelligence

Gain insights into how your space is being used to unlock new opportunities.

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Proximity Messaging

Proximity messaging

Make people aware of nearby points of interest and send real-time targeted messages to users based on their location.

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Gain insights into user behaviors and engage users at the right time, in the right place.

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Security Management

Security management

Improve spatial awareness of security teams and enhance patrol management.

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Building Energy Efficiency and Facilities Management

Building energy efficiency and facilities management

Monitor and visualize infrastructure and building systems to optimize performance and reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

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Intelligent Parking

Intelligent parking

Seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor maps to find parking and navigate to a destination.

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Leverage the power of location and bring order to complex data

Enhance experience through location-awareness
Gain real-time intelligence into operations through data
Enrich business insights through location data
Uncover data patterns and trends through spatial context
Realize workflow efficiencies through connected technologies

Manage, visualize, and analyze data in the context of an indoor map

Enhance user experiences and improve business processes using Jibestream's indoor intelligence mapping platform to create map-enabled applications.

Users are granted visual access to accurate geospatial data and businesses are able to translate and internalize the same data into operational cost savings and insights.

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