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Why now?

Immense amounts of indoor data, advances in technology and heightened consumer expectations are shifting market dynamics that present a serious challenge for enterprise organizations: how to process and grant visual access to all that spatial data? The answer requires a solution that provides users with access to timely information while translating and internalizing the same data into operational cost savings and insights. This is where indoor intelligence comes in.

What is indoor intelligence?

Indoor intelligence takes spatial data and puts it on a map. Think of it as a visual map for any building data that has a spatial element. With our indoor intelligence platform, any system can be enhanced to display advanced data in the context of an indoor map.


Transform flat static maps into multi-dimensional layered maps

Overlay multiple data layers on maps to create scalable, location-aware applications.

  • Multi-layer design
  • Geospatially accurate
  • Addressable with data
  • Real-time management
  • Data visualization
  • RESTful API integration
  • User based roles

Use Cases

Power multiple use cases using a single, centralized indoor map database.
And more...

Leverage the power of location and bring order to complex data

By merging the location dimension with enterprise applications, businesses are able to access real-time indoor visual intelligence.
Enhance experience through location-awareness
Gain real-time intelligence into operations through data
Enrich business insights through location data
Uncover data patterns and trends through spatial context
Realize workflow efficiencies through connected technologies
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How it works

Our SDKs give developers the tools to customize and integrate maps into apps

Our native SDKs (Web, iOS, Android) provide developers with access to a library of APIs. These SDKs are used to quickly embed high-fidelity indoor maps into existing web or mobile applications. Developers can use our SDKs and APIs to create tailored solutions while having centralized management of all associated data.


Cornerstones of Jibestream


Mapping Engine
Geospatially accurate vector-based maps provide a high-fidelity and fluid user experience.
Content Management
Easily access and manage spatial data using a web-based content management system.
IPS Compatibility
A technology agnostic architecture provides interoperability to indoor positioning technologies.
Universal Integration
RESTful APIs allow for seamless integration with other systems and applications.

Unlock the potential of your apps with indoor maps

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