Indoor Mapping

Embed indoor maps in your web and mobile apps

What is indoor mapping?

Indoor mapping is the process of converting floorplans into digital, interactive representations of indoor spaces. In addition to serving as a wayfinding platform, indoor maps leverage business rules, localization and the IoT to enable users to visualize spatial data, creating real-time indoor location intelligence. With our indoor mapping platform, any system can be enhanced to display data in the context of an indoor map.

How does it work?

Our indoor mapping platform converts static maps (DWG, SVG, JPG, GeoJSON, PNG, PDF...) into intelligent, multi-dimensional digital maps by overlaying multiple data layers to create scalable, location-aware applications. Indoor maps are integral to the creation of location-aware IoT-enabled smart buildings. These maps are then integrated with various platforms and data sets (your business data, third party systems and data) via SDKs and APIs enabling a wide range of map-enabled use cases.

Our internal team are subject matter experts in complex indoor mapping. We know that map digitization is often more than simply converting file types. Spatial information needs to be understood, interpreted, and curated. We help you build a solid mapping foundation that gets you to where your maps need to go.


Jibestream indoor mapping platform concept

Which map formats does our platform support?

Our indoor mapping platform is a versatile and flexible indoor mapping platform that allows you to ingest and export maps in a variety of formats saving time and removing friction from the map import process!


  • GeoJSON: Import GeoJSON compliant indoor maps into the platform
  • PNG/JPG: Reduce the time it takes to get a project started by uploading your own map images for use in kiosks and digital signage
  • Don't see the format you're looking for or migrating from another mapping provider? Contact us to further discuss your needs.


  • CAD: Extract maps, with all your saved changes reflected, in a CAD-friendly format (.DXF)
  • GeoJSON: Share maps globally by exporting indoor maps and data to GeoJSON open standard format
  • SVG/PDF/PNG: Quickly and easily generate full or partial snapshot images of your map and for promotional and marketing content
  • Don't see the format you're looking for or migrating from another mapping provider? Contact us to further discuss your needs.

Key Benefits

Future-Proof your Investment

Leverage a platform solution that scales with your indoor mapping needs - today and tomorrow.

Own Your Data

We do not collect, share, lease, or sell any customer data to third parties. You own and manage your data.

Divert Vendor Lock-In

Avoid vendor lock-in with our technology-agnostic platform that allows for complete control and flexibility.

Create smart indoor experiences with map-enabled applications

Our indoor mapping platform provides users with the tools to add intelligence to complex indoor spaces. With our platform, users can create indoor maps, and bring indoor maps to apps, enabling multiple use cases using a single set of maps.


Superior indoor maps

Superior maps

Our geospatially accurate vector-based maps are broken down into multiple layers and objects that can be associated with external data sources, and used to provide a high-fidelity and fluid user experience.

Turn-by-turn directions

Turn-by-turn directions

Improve the user navigation experience though on-screen turn-by-turn text directions with supporting visual landmarks. Built-in algorithms assist developers to calculate estimated travel times to destinations based on distance.

Map Profiles

Map profiles

Create customized experiences for different users by building permission-based profiles. Display or restrict access to different map views while managing a single map instance in the Content Management System.



Integrate with any analytics engine or external Business Intelligence (BI) tool to track and monitor pertinent usage data. Make informed business decisions and gain actionable insights into map usage.

Map Editor

Map updates 

Edit maps on demand with our web-based Map Editor. This self-serve tool makes it easy for you to keep your maps up to date.



Cater to a global audience in their native language with local translations. Easily add and manage multiple languages using the Content Management System.

Data management

Data management

Leverage the extensive Content Management System to create, manage and configure mapping data for multiple venues through a single system - in real-time.



Our open architecture allows you to link and synchronize external systems and application data to Jibestream maps using our RESTful APIs.

Code samples

Code samples

Save developers valuable time and get applications to market faster with an extensive library of sample code for web, iOS and Android platforms.

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