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Moving Forward: Navigating Toward the Future of Indoor Intelligence

by Chris Wiegand on 12/19/19 11:21 AM

As we close out both a very busy 2019 and a decade of innovation and nearly constant change, I wanted to share some reflections on the past year including our acquisition, and some updates as we move into 2020. 

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Driving Additional ROI From Your Digital Wayfinding Solution

by Jibestream on 12/13/19 10:04 AM

The post "Driving Additional ROI From Your Wayfinding Solution" appeared first on ExpressImage.Digital.

"When implementing a digital wayfinding solution, there are some initial, obvious benefits. For example, you can likely gain some high-level insight into what people are searching for, and how long it’s taking them to find and map their route, determined by their time spent interacting with your wayfinding interface. However, there are also ways to leverage the foundational technology infrastructure that powers your wayfinding solution to gather deeper insight and generate additional ROI across your entire organization."

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2019 Hackathon: Building a Culture of Innovation and Integration at Inpixon

by Khan Azad on 12/12/19 1:23 PM

I’ve always been enthusiastic about hackathons, both as a participant and as an organizer. I believe hackathons are a great way to navigate new technology while promoting rapid prototyping and the ‘fail fast’ theory, wherein new ideas are deployed and tested quickly. I had already seen the benefits firsthand, both in university hackathons, and those hosted in past years by other organizations, including Jibestream. Over the course of 2019, the full range of Inpixon’s products had expanded and the team had grown significantly with the addition of mapping and video analytics technology to the existing indoor data and positioning hardware and software. A hackathon seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring our people and products together, and establish a culture of innovation in our new, larger organization.

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Three Ways to Turn Location Data Into Actionable Insights

by Jibestream on 11/26/19 11:26 AM

In order for organizations to act strategically, innovate, and stand out in the market for all of the right reasons, they must make smart, effective decisions based on a solid foundation of valuable data. Without access to quantitative data indicating what’s working and what isn’t, decision making is done blindly and without direction. Furthermore, raw data must be transformed into actionable insights. It is not sufficient to have a set of spreadsheets that none of your key stakeholders or decision-makers understand - it must be transformed into meaningful information that enlightens and empowers.

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Our Take on Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

by Jody Shaffer on 11/19/19 3:00 PM

It’s that time of year again. The time when research and advisory company, Gartner, releases their top predictions on what technology trends will shape the future of IT and business for the coming years. These insights are a great lens through which to examine your organization's 2020 planning, and we've put together our take on the technology trends with the greatest impact on intelligent spaces and the Internet of Things.

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