Indoor Mapping Blog

New Release - 4.12 Feature Roundup

by Jibestream on 1/30/20 1:30 PM

The latest version of our indoor mapping platform is now available, and it includes something for everyone. Version 4.12 is packed with exciting new enhancements to the Venue Manager and Map Editor to give more control to developers and users of the content management system (CMS). 

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Webinar: Innovating with Indoor Data

by Jody Shaffer on 10/22/19 2:20 PM

The indoor world has never been more connected. Over the past decade, significant strides have been made in demystifying the great indoors. Location-aware technology has given us better visibility and a keener understanding of indoor spaces and how people actually engage within them. Thanks to the data collected from IoT, mobile phones, sensors and other wireless devices, the problem is no longer a lack of indoor data. The key challenge organizations face today is how to turn this data into something meaningful and actionable.

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How to Use an Indoor Mapping Platform to Drive Tenant Revenue

by Jibestream on 10/16/19 10:35 AM

When we talk with organizations exploring indoor mapping solutions, the initial use case they’re typically investigating is indoor navigation. The exciting thing is that once an organization has their maps digitized for a wayfinding solution, there are many opportunities to drive additional ROI from that same initial set of indoor maps. In this sense, wayfinding can actually be considered a ‘gateway use case’ for indoor maps. 

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How Indoor Maps Facilitate Facilities Management

by Jibestream on 9/24/19 11:21 AM

Autumn is an exciting time in the world of property technology. In October, CoreNet Global’s North American summit will bring together thousands of corporate real estate industry professionals. The aim of the summit is to connect and explore the latest technology and trends in corporate real estate, and the ways in which people live and work. This year, the summit’s theme is “Experience Matters, It's Not Just Business, It's Personal,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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Wayfinding and Blue Dot: What's the difference?

by Jibestream on 9/10/19 8:33 AM

When you’re starting your digital wayfinding journey, it’s helpful to know the distinctions in terminology as you begin conversations with various vendors. One of the most common misconceptions we see is around the distinction between ‘wayfinding’ and ‘Blue Dot,’ and it’s important to differentiate as it can impact the type of technology you actually need.

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