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Indoor Mapping Software & Navigation SDK

Provides developers with a robust set of mapping and navigation tools, enabling them to add indoor navigation to apps.

Web Map Editor Desktop

Map Management

The Jibestream indoor navigation SDK features geospatially accurate vector-based maps, providing a high fidelity and fluid user experience. Developers can easily change colors and themes to match their brand, and even offer up dynamic content.

Routing Engine

From one destination to another, our routing engine will determine the best path for a user to follow – controlling how a path is animated and how floor transitions are displayed during the animation.


Smart Search

Use our powerful search engine to help users find virtually anything indoors. Our SDK includes advanced search capabilities, enabling intelligent search, by keyword and category, within our CMS or across external data sources.

Text Directions

Using landmark-based navigation, taking into account accessibility and distance, our SDK automatically delivers intuitive text directions to the “blue dot” experience.


Indoor Positioning

The Jibestream SDK is agnostic to indoor positioning technology. BLE beacons, Wi-Fi, magnetic, or even technologies not yet envisioned can be used to provide the “blue dot” experience and other location services.

Content Management

Our CMS hosts a rich database of images, attributes, keywords and other metadata that enables easy search and discovery of points-of-interest. Content delivery can be scheduled or triggered according to business rules, and insights into user behaviour recorded for reporting purposes.

Web Destinations Desktop

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