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The world's premier indoor navigation and mapping engine

Improve business processes and user experiences by connecting turn-by-turn indoor navigation and location-awareness to your app.

Jibestream Partners
Jibestream’s robust mapping engine was able to seamlessly integrate with our complex ecosystem of partners and technology to help deliver the world class GGP shopping experience.

Scott Morey, EVP General Growth Properties

Cornerstones of Jibestream

Indoor Navigation
Indoor Navigation
Add turn-by-turn, landmark based indoor navigation to your custom app.
Indoor Mapping
Mapping Engine
Convert architectural diagrams into maps that can be used across multiple devices.
Indoor Wayfinding Integration
Universal Integration
We offer developers multiple ways to get data in and out of Jibestream Platform.
Jibestream SDK

Jibestream SDK

Our SDK gives developers access to a library of APIs, which enable customizations and integrations, including features such as 'Blue Dot' Location-Awareness, 'Find My Car', Intelligent Search, Real-Time Data Integration, Zones and many more.

Most recently, Westfield and GGP have developed mobile applications using the Jibestream SDK. Explore their apps:
Google Play
Google Play

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