What's Under the Hood?
A Technology Deep Dive

Jibestream & Mist

Join indoor mapping specialists, Jibestream, and virtual BLE providers, Mist, for a deep dive into the technology that is powering today's enterprise-level indoor intelligence initiatives.

See what implementing an indoor mapping and positioning system looks like from the people who are leading the charge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Design and deployment considerations
  • The process of getting a map into your app
  • Bluetooth LE vs physical beacons
  • What engagement looks like
  • How to get your project started

Presented by:

Chris WiegandChris Wiegand
CEO and Co-Founder, Jibestream
Bringing indoor maps to enterprise organizations

Sudheer-MattaSudheer Matta
VP of Product, Mist
Delivering AI-driven WLAN to the world