Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Navigation

Provide users with seamless navigation as they transition between outdoor and indoor spaces

Offer users a seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding experience with smooth transitions from outside to inside a building. Our extensible indoor mapping platform can guide users from their front door, to the closest parking spot, and right to their desired destination within a building.

Whether you are traveling from home or between buildings, we enable you to provide true navigational continuity. Enhance the user experience by combining the power of GPS and IPS to enable blue-dot navigation.


Seamless Map Transitions

Build a seamless journey between outdoor and indoor environments for a better user experience.

Spatially Accurate

Superimpose our geospatially accurate maps on the world map to support fluid outdoor indoor navigation.

Integrate with Outdoor Maps

Combine our indoor maps with popular outdoor mapping solutions such as those provided by Google, Apple, and HERE.

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be agnostic, allowing you to integrate with any third party applications to solve your unique problems.

Jibestream Indoor Mapping Platform

Indoor Mapping Platform

Our indoor mapping platform provides developers with a CMS, SDKs and a robust set of APIs and tools to create and build interactive maps that are easy to manage and are geolocated to the world.

Outdoor mapping system icon

Outdoor Mapping Platform

Extend the navigation experience to facilitate seamless travel from outdoor to indoor spaces with our indoor mapping solutions.

App Developer

App Developer

Put your brand experience in your users’ hands by building a mobile application and embedding your interactive indoor maps into it. Our SDKs are available for web, iOS and Android.

Positioning System


Enhance our indoor mapping platform with indoor positioning to create a system that monitors the real-time location and movements of assets and visually represents them on a map. By combining maps and positioning, new insights can be gathered on assets and their proximity to rooms, equipment and other assets.
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