Map Profiles

Create customized experiences with permission-based profiles, using a single set of maps

Cater to different users by serving customized visualizations of your space based on a user's profile all while only having to manage a single map instance. With profiles, you can hide or reveal parts of a map, create multiple wayfinding paths, and display or restrict access to map layers, paths and destinations based on the type of user.

Profiles ensure that users only see parts of a map for which they are given proper permissions and can be used to differentiate between public routes, staff-only routes, emergency routes, accessibility routes, detours and the like.


Scalability Made Easy

Using just one set of maps, create multiple versions or views of your buildings.

Create Better Experiences

Create user experiences catered to their specific needs by showing relevant walking paths and locations.

Protect Your Space

Only show areas of your building that you want visitors to see, and restrict other parts for internal or facilities staff.

The Building Blocks

Your solution is unique to your business. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be agnostic, allowing you to integrate with any third party applications to solve your unique problems.

Jibestream Indoor Mapping Platform

Indoor Mapping Platform

Our indoor mapping platform provides developers with a CMS, SDKs and a robust set of APIs and tools to create and build interactive maps that are easy to manage and are geolocated to the world.

App Developer

App Developer

Put your brand experience in your users’ hands by building a mobile application and embedding your interactive indoor maps into it. Our SDKs are available for web, iOS and Android.
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