Indoor Location Platform

Our platform provides developers with a robust set of tools to build map-enabled applications 

Create and manage scalable, location aware apps

Our platform provides developers with a robust set of tools to build map-enabled web and mobile (Android and iOS) applications. With our indoor mapping platform, you can create tailored solutions while having centralized management of all associated data.


Our SDKs abstract the data loading, initialization, rendering, module communication, and API interface with the application server allowing developers to focus on integration, styling and user experience.


Equipped with a library of secure REST APIs, our platform can easily be extended to support tailored solutions and sync business data while having centralized management of all associated data.


Our indoor mapping CMS is used to manage venue data across a global portfolio of buildings and configure associated map components.

Key Benefits

Reduce Risk

Leverage a proven best-in-class indoor mapping solution and do it right the first time.

Go To Market Faster

Quickly and easily deploy location-aware maps into apps on multiple platforms using our indoor mapping platform.

Support Multiple Use Cases

Extend indoor maps to address a variety of use cases using one centralized set of maps across your enterprise.

Map Creation

Map Creation

  • Add multi-dimensional indoor maps into web or mobile applications
  • Create multiple layers inside a map
  • Associate maps and map elements with other systems for data visualization
  • Add custom user interface views or HTML to maps in any location allowing apps to be embedded inside maps
  • Build and import your own maps or work with our internal mapping experts to build geospatially accurate vector-based maps

Map Control

  • Apply custom styling to maps for branding/cosmetic changes (fonts, color, stoke widths, opacity...)
  • Control visualization on zoom levels (label collision, map details, destination labels...)
  • Control the look, feel and behavior of map animations (paths, floor transitions, pin drop, blue dot confidence circle...)
  • Locate and highlight destinations, display destination details, add custom images, and track moving destinations such as items and assets in real-time
  • Associate interactive map elements with your other systems to address various use cases (parking data, scheduling information, tenant data...)
Map Control
Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning

  • Technology agnostic architecture provides interoperability with third party indoor positioning systems 
  • Help you choose the right indoor positioning solution for your use cases
  • Navigate between any two locations on a map while taking into account accessibility, route preference, and distance
  • Create clear, contextual wayfinding with configurable step-by-step directions
  • Precisely locate and navigate to a person or asset in real-time

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