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The Jibestream Partner Ecosystem

With our partner ecosystem, the possibilities for indoor mapping are endless

Working Together to Create Exceptional Experiences

Jibestream is a highly configurable and flexible indoor mapping and navigation platform. Through integrations with a variety of technologies, developers can leverage Jibestream to build and manage custom map-enabled applications.


How it works

The Jibestream Partner Ecosystem - Working Together to Create Exceptional Experiences


Indoor Positioning & Asset Tracking

Indoor Positioning, Asset Tracking & Technologies

Mist indoo.rs
Cisco Eddystone
Sensewhere iBeacon

and more...

Industry Integrations

 Industry Integrations

Inrix PanicGuard
Zebra Vecna

and more...

Application Developers

 App Developers


Kinetic Cafe

and more...

Let's build something great – together


Create innovative applications that solve real world problems