Facilities Management Software Trends: The Future of Facilities Management

by Jibestream on 2/21/19 1:05 PM

Jibestream's CEO and Co-Founder Chris Wiegand was quoted in this piece by Bergen Adair for SelectHub regarding the importance of vendor interoperability and extensibility to the future of facilities management software. 

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Going Digital in 2019: The Latest Technology for a Bright Future in Construction

by Jibestream on 2/14/19 11:07 AM

Jibestream's CEO and Co-Founder Chris Wiegand was quoted in this piece by Jim Romeo for Construction Executive magazine regarding the importance of location-awareness and indoor mapping to the future of construction site technology.

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MapScaping Podcast: Indoor Mapping and Navigation - Manage, Visualize, and Analyze Data

by Jibestream on 2/12/19 10:42 AM

Jibestream CEO and Co-Founder Chris Wiegand sat down recently with Daniel O'Donohue of the newly launched MapScaping Podcast to discuss how indoor mapping and navigation work, the advantages of real-time personal notifications based on location and the future of indoor mapping and the Internet of Things.

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Tips for Retailers to Create a Seamless Customer Experience

by Jibestream on 1/21/19 10:04 AM

In the article, 'Bricks and Clicks of Retail Business: Tips to Create a Seamless Customer Experience,' Jibestream CEO and Co-Founder Chris Wiegand is quoted encouraging retailers to embrace digital technologies. In the article, he suggests that in order for retailers to capitalize on the shopping experience revolution, retail mobile applications must incorporate interactive indoor maps.

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Jibestream named in 2019 Top 100 Geospatial Companies and Startups List

by Jibestream on 1/14/19 4:09 PM

Geospatial technology blog, Geoawesomeness, released their 2019 Top 100 Geospatial Companies and Startups List, which named Jibestream as one of their Top 100. 

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What Does Jibestream’s Partnership with HERE Venues Mean for Indoor Mapping?

by Jibestream on 12/3/18 11:31 AM

Geoawesomeness explores what Jibestream's new partnership with HERE Venues means for the indoor mapping space. In this article, author Ishveena Singh discusses how enterprises will benefit from the partnership between the two companies, and how this opens the door to creating more smart, digitally addressable spaces.

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Tips for Managing Digital Transformation Strategies

by Jibestream on 11/26/18 4:23 PM

CMSWire explores what motivates people to adopt new ways of working with technology and how to get staff to buy into digital transformation strategies, new technology and the digital workplace.

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9 Gadgets Every Flexible Workspace Needs In 2018

by Jibestream on 12/13/17 8:41 AM

The IoT is bringing technology to all aspects of our lives, including workspaces. AllWorks lists the best technical offerings that should be on your workspace wish list for 2018.

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'How the Future of the Internet will Influence Retail' Whitepaper

by Jibestream on 8/23/17 9:17 AM

Plusnet interviewed a range of industry experts, including indoor mapping and navigation specialist Chris Wiegand, on the future of retail and the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on retailers throughout the world.

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Will IoT In The Workplace Signal The Demise of Community Managers?

by Jibestream on 5/25/17 12:20 PM

AllWork discusses the impact of IoT based solutions on flexible workspaces and how technology can be leveraged to offer insights into space utilization.


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