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Jibestream Named One of the Fastest Growing IoT Companies

by Jibestream on 7/21/16 1:23 PM

 Jibestream has been named among the 30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies for 2016. Improving efficiency, productivity and engagement for clients globally; Jibestream is the world’s premier indoor mapping platform.

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How Malls Will Survive In The Age Of Amazon

by Jibestream on 7/8/16 8:04 AM

ICSC's President & CEO explores the future of shopping malls and how technology is being used to create and atmosphere and experience.


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WSJ: Shopping Malls Embrace IoT

by Jeannie on 6/15/16 11:49 AM

Parking and indoor navigation are among the key offerings according to The Wall Street Journal

The 'uberization' of nearly everything is happening all around us and at lightning speed. An app that you use and rely on today may very well be trumped by an even better app the next day. How does a mall landlord ensure that their solutions will provide real value for thier customers and be future proof?

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Next app frontier: Where’s the washroom in this place?

by Jibestream on 3/8/16 9:34 AM

If you’ve flown through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport recently, you may have noticed interactive kiosks offering directions to gates, washrooms, shops and other facilities.

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