Tips for Managing Digital Transformation Strategies

by Jibestream on 11/26/18 4:23 PM

CMSWire explores what motivates people to adopt new ways of working with technology and how to get staff to buy into digital transformation strategies, new technology and the digital workplace.

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Technology in the Workplace

by Jibestream on 9/26/18 1:39 PM

Morgan Lovell speaks with Jibestream's CEO, Chris Wiegand, about the benefits of digital-first office design, workplace connectivity, and the future of the digital workplace.

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USA Weekly Interview with Chris Wiegand, Co-Founder and CEO at Jibestream

by Jibestream on 1/20/18 2:27 PM

USA Weekly interviews Jibestream's CEO, Chris Wiegand on the highs and lows of running a business from the ground up, what he enjoys most in his role, and what advice he would give to young entrepreneurs looking to start off right on day one.

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9 Gadgets Every Flexible Workspace Needs In 2018

by Jibestream on 12/13/17 8:41 AM

The IoT is bringing technology to all aspects of our lives, including workspaces. AllWorks lists the best technical offerings that should be on your workspace wish list for 2018.

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Will IoT In The Workplace Signal The Demise of Community Managers?

by Jibestream on 5/25/17 12:20 PM

AllWork discusses the impact of IoT based solutions on flexible workspaces and how technology can be leveraged to offer insights into space utilization.


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