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Mall of America's Digital Journey

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In a rapidly evolving landscape with tech-savvy consumers, retailers are under enormous pressure to improve customer experiences and engagement while boosting revenue. Mall of America, the largest shopping and entertainment destination in the United States, has done just that. Since opening its doors in 1992, Mall of America has been committed to innovation and delivering holistic guest experiences. From real-time location awareness and real-time map updates to live guest services and direct customer interaction, they are a leader in retail innovation and show no signs of stopping. Their ongoing investment in technology and commitment to revolutionizing the shopping experience has them mapping the road to digital transformation for malls everywhere.

Hear firsthand from Mall of America’s IT Director, Janette Smrcka, about how indoor mapping and positioning technology has enabled them to create relevant and compelling experiences while quickly responding to the fast changing demands of the market.


During this session, we will discuss:

  • What questions to ask before embarking on a digital journey from the perspective of MOA’s IT Director
  • What you can expect along the way
  • How you can lay a technological foundation to support future innovation and growth
  • How indoor mapping and positioning technology can be leveraged to engage with guests before, during and after their visit

Presented by:

Chris Wiegand, CEO & Co-Founder - JibestreamChris Wiegand
CEO & Co-Founder, Jibestream
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Christian Lundquist, CEO - SenionChristian Lundquist
CEO, Senion
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Janette Smrcka, IT Director - Mall of AmericaJanette Smrcka
Information Technology Director, Mall of America
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