Indoor Mapping and Navigation Solutions for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Looking to improve passenger experience and drive revenue?

Airports, train stations, and bus stations are complex hubs with thousands of passengers, staff, and equipment moving through them every day. To process these large volumes with as few interruptions as possible requires a vast network of interconnected structures and technologies. Our indoor mapping and location platform provides transportation hubs with the foundation to achieve this.

With us, you have the tools to increase productivity, realize operational cost savings, and gain valuable insights all while reducing passenger stress.


Jibestream Indoor Mapping Platform for Airports


Use indoor mapping and positioning to power real-time navigation, drive retail activity and build passenger wayfinding apps for your airport. Manage airport map permissions securely and send location-based messaging to drive revenue for retailers.

Jibestream Indoor Mapping Platform for Railway Stations

Railway Stations

Build better train station apps and incorporate location-based notifications to drive revenue and help passengers navigate complex railway stations. Incorporate smart parking services to integrate with Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Jibestream Indoor Mapping Platform for Bus Stations

Bus Stations

Help visitors navigate your busy bus stations and terminals by using indoor mapping and positioning in your passenger wayfinding apps. Track key assets throughout your venue and gain visibility to invaluable spatial business intelligence insights.

Key Benefits

Reduce Passenger Stress

Decrease stress and help travelers better navigate crowded transportation hubs by creating location-awareness and visual access to relevant information.

Improve Traffic Flow

Gain insights into traveler volume and flow patterns and minimize congestion by optimizing routes and providing integrated access to wait times, schedules and wayfinding for passenger navigation apps.

Drive Traveler Spending

Create awareness and highlight the availability of on-premises shops, restaurants, lounges and other points of interest to motivate and increase passenger spending.

Optimize travel flow and create stress-free passenger experiences

Engage and assist travelers throughout their journey. Manage the flow of traffic, reduce passenger stress and motivate traveler spending by integrating data with indoor maps using our indoor mapping and location platform.

Jibestream Indoor Navigation for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Indoor navigation

Reduce the stress experienced by travelers when navigating within large and crowded transportation hubs. Help passengers get to the appropriate gate, terminal or ticketing counter on time by providing landmark-based navigation.

Jibestream Seamless Integration for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Seamless integrations

Engage and assist travelers throughout their journey by seamlessly integrating with other transportation-specific applications and data such as Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS), Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), the Airport Operational Database (AODB) and more.

Jibestream Map Profiles for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Personalized maps

Present different map views and routes to different users based on their profile with a single set of maps. Differentiate between a variety of routes ensuring only those with proper permissions see areas of a map they are granted access to (ie: public, accessibility, staff-only, security, etc.).

Jibestream Contextual Messaging for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Contextual messaging

Engage with travelers throughout their journey by delivering hyperlocal content. Trigger greetings, targeted messages, notifications, live updates or offers while learning about user patterns by analyzing location data.

Jibestream Asset Tracking for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Asset tracking

Increase visibility and accurately track and visualize the location and movement of static and moving assets, such as passengers, staff, security guards, carts, wheelchairs, baggage and more, in real-time - on a map.

Jibestream Passenger Insights for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Passenger data insights

Gain valuable intelligence into traveler patterns and trends. Leverage these insights to make informed business decisions that enhance passenger flows, enable space optimization, and motivate passenger spending.

Jibestream Single Source of Truth

Single source of truth

Be the digital landlord of your space. Leverage the extensive Jibestream Content Management System to create, manage and configure mapping data in real-time. Extract maps in a variety of formats (ie: GeoJSON, CAD, SVG, PNG) to share enterprise wide.

Jibestream Building Efficiency for Airports and Transportation Hubs

Building efficiency

Improve building maintenance and operations by visualizing and monitoring infrastructure systems (lighting, HVAC, cameras, elevators, etc.) on a map. Receive alerts when something needs servicing, identify areas ready for cleaning, control temperature and lighting systems.

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