Corporate Campus Hoteling, Wayfinding and Mapping Solutions

EY (Ernst & Young)

Workplace inefficiencies costing you?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, a static and disconnected corporate facility can keep your team from being at their best. Create a more agile workplace by combining spatial data with indoor maps using our indoor mapping and location technology.

Our platform gives you the tools to increase productivity and improve workplace efficiencies through connected technologies.


Serge Bendahan

"Jibestream was a key partner in Desjardins’ journey to creating a smart workplace app for our new corporate office. Their platform integrated smoothly with the other technologies and systems that were selected by our team."

Serge Bendahan, Senior Business Strategy Advisor, Desjardins

Key Benefits

Attract and Retain Talent

Create a motivating and productive workplace that will attract and retain the best talent.

Optimize Performance

Improve employee collaboration and productivity by creating a dynamic and connected environment.

Drive Digital Innovation

Create an integrated work environment so you can quickly respond to the fast changing demands and needs of the workforce.

Create smart, innovative and connected workplaces

Smart workplaces being with smart technology. Transform your office into a powerful and dynamic workplace with our indoor mapping and location platform. 

Jibestream Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation

Empower staff, workers and guests to easily navigate around corporate campus' and between multiple buildings by offering turn-by-turn wayfinding. Make getting lost a thing of the past.

Jibestream Room and Equipment booking

Room/equipment booking

Search for and see meeting rooms, workstations (hot-desking, hoteling, etc.) and other resources on a map and in real-time, check it's status and book it saving employees valuable time.

Jibestream Visitor management

Visitor management

Make it easy for employees and visitors to locate and see meeting rooms, amenities, workstations and other points of interest on a digital map. You can even restrict access to map views based on a user's profile.

Jibestream Targeted messaging

Targeted messaging

Get the right message to the right person at the right time. Trigger greetings, targeted messages, or notifications to staff, workers and visitors based on their location.

Jibestream Find colleagues

Find colleagues

Stop wasting time trying to locate people within a building. See the real-time location of colleagues' on a map and receive directions to them

Jibestream Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations

Easily integrate with your existing systems and data, such as resource booking systems, scheduling systems, directories, and more.

Jibestream Space optimization

Space optimization

Understand how your space is being used. Gain intelligence into space and resource utilization and make informed decisions based on usage data.

Jibestream Building Efficiency

Building efficiency

Improve building maintenance and operations by visualizing and monitoring infrastructure systems (lighting, HVAC, cameras, elevators, etc.) on a map.

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