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Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare

Become a Digital Hospital of the Future with the Jibestream Indoor Mapping Platform

The modern medical complex consists of multiple buildings each with several floors, a maze of hallways, numerous elevator shafts – an overall complex layout. Our goal is to help hospitals improve patient satisfaction through location-aware indoor navigation technologies.

Our indoor mapping platform allows you to add indoor turn-by-turn navigation, indoor location-awareness, and context-aware messaging to your hospital wayfinding mobile app. Our platform goes beyond traditional indoor wayfinding solutions, delivering a home-to-hospital experience for patients. Watch our video on Sally's experience in the hospital of the near future.


White Paper: Better Healthcare Through Experiential Wayfinding

The Jibestream healthcare wayfinding solution improves visitor and staff satisfaction by providing up-to-date information in real time. Eliminating confusion, our platform provides a better patient experience, reduced wait times and fewer disruptions for caregivers.

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