How Wearable Devices Are Improving Patient Care

by Jibestream on 6/11/15 8:35 AM

When you think wearable devices and health care, you likely imagine devices that analyse your sleep patterns, measure your heart rate and monitor your blood oxygen. All largely designed to collect superficial data about the state of well-being of a younger, more healthy group of people, while people who could benefit most from wearable technology, the older or chronically ill people, are largely ignored. 

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Wearable Technology and Wayfinding in Corporate Campuses

by Jibestream on 5/22/15 8:00 PM

Wearable technology is rapidly making headway into the workplace, a definitive step toward the NextGen office. The production of wearable technology has already set vendors apart, putting those who do not produce it at a disadvantage [Gartner]. Integrating these newer technologies such as ID badges, smartwatches and smartphones into a corporate campus has the potential to set organizations apart if implemented correctly, creating ease and efficiency, and promoting productivity. 

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