The Product: Our Indoor Mapping Engine [JibeTalks]

by Jeannie on 1/26/16 9:00 AM

In this edition of #JibeTalks, we're talking to the people behind the Product. Louise and Akshay lead the Jibestream Product development team; responsible for taking ideas – from customers, partners, and Jibestreamers – and transforming them into one of the world's leading indoor mapping and navigation engines.

We asked them to tell us about their favorite Product features, and how they play a role in making spaces instantly familiar for shoppers, patients, and employees. Here's what they had to say...

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Jibestream Company Culture [JibeTalks]

by Jibestream on 11/18/15 1:47 PM


How do diverse individuals shape company culture? On this edition of #JibeTalks: Company Culture Part 1, we get to know Bill, Rhiannon and Frank and see how as individuals with unique opinions and habits all have similar views on what company culture means to them. 

Creating an environment that encourages its employees to embrace and share their own opinions can foster opportunities for creative problem solving, learning and a strong sense of community.

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What is Map Digitization? [JibeTalks]

by Jibestream on 11/4/15 11:55 AM

On this #JibeTalks, our Map Design Lead – Dana M. shares her thoughts on what Map Digitization is and some of the key steps in the process, which involves taking architectural drawings and preparing them for use on our wayfinding software platform. Through care and attention to the end user, Dana and the team map out some of the largest and most complex shopping malls, hospitals, and corporate campuses on the planet.

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How facility managers keep hospitals running

by Jibestream on 10/16/15 12:18 PM

When you think of a hospital, your mind automatically conjures medics and nurses in a frantic bid to mend and save. What doesn’t come to mind, however, is the essential, behind the scenes role that facility managers play in keeping a hospital running efficiently.

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Managing an Agile Workforce using Wayfinding Software

by Jibestream on 10/13/15 8:10 AM

The modern workplace is both agile and collaborative. An environment characterised by fluidity, where employees tend to collocate in multipurpose spaces across campus, to get work done. To support agile work patterns, facilities managers are turning to location-aware technologies, which give them better insights into how employees use the space around them.

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