The Future of Hospitality: Leveraging Location to Drive Revenue

by Jody Shaffer on 6/19/18 9:00 AM

The hospitality industry is ripe for innovation, and location-aware IoT technologies will be a driving force in helping hotels, resorts, and cruise lines to deliver exceptional guest experiences that increase revenue.

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6 Things to Consider When Embarking on An Indoor Wayfinding Project

by Shane George on 2/5/16 10:48 AM

The benefits of digital wayfinding are undeniable. From improving patient experiences in hospitals to supporting the omnichannel retail experience in shopping malls, indoor wayfinding brings a competitive advantage across multiple industries. However, while the benefits are clear, the process of planning a project and selecting the appropriate wayfinding technologies can be a daunting task.

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Indoor Wayfinding Makes Booking a Meeting Room Easy

by Jean Moncrieff on 12/4/15 4:07 PM

Indoor maps are making it easier for employees to navigate large, complex campuses. Using mobile devices and kiosks, employees are able to search for meeting rooms, hot desks, and co-workers, then, using landmark based navigation, confidently find their way to the relevant person or place. But, indoor wayfinding isn’t just limited to finding people or places.

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How Wayfinding Helps With Onboarding New Employees

by Jibestream on 9/18/15 9:12 AM

The first few weeks on the job can be overwhelming for employees - new colleagues, new tools, trainings and induction sessions, not to mention finding their way around campus. It’s the little details that can really determine those first experiences in interacting with this new company.

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See you at TechVibes Tech Fest!

by Jibestream on 9/14/15 2:02 PM

 We're always looking for the best and the brightest, and where better to find them than at the leading-edge tech event in Toronto!

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