Hospital Wheelchair Tracking & the Impact of Inefficient Asset Management

by Jody Shaffer on 2/20/18 12:07 PM

Hospitals have reported an annual attrition rate of up to 25% for lost and stolen wheelchairs. To truly understand the repercussions this has on a hospital, it's imperative to look at the impact this has on operations, workflows, and patient experiences.

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Jibestream to Host Session at HiMSS18

by Jibestream on 2/12/18 3:14 PM

Every year, more than 45,000 professionals from around the world come together for the annual HIMSS conference to learn about the latest IT innovations and trends shaping the healthcare landscape. 

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CEO and Co-founder of Jibestream to Speak at HiMSS17

by Jibestream on 2/2/17 11:10 AM

CEO and co-founder of Jibestream, Chris Wiegand, will be speaking at the 2017 HiMSS Annual Conference on Real-Time Health with Experiential Wayfinding

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Advances In Wayfinding Technology Point Hospitals In The Right Direction

by Chris Wiegand on 8/19/15 7:23 AM

Traditionally, hospital wayfinding has relied heavily on colour and symbolism, flooring and ceiling cues, easily identifiable landmarks, and static maps and signs. But today, this is no longer good enough, particularly since most hospitals that undergo renovation and expansion often fail to properly update their wayfinding program.

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Improving the Patient Experience through Hospital Wayfinding

by Jibestream on 6/24/15 10:58 AM

Health care Delivery Organizations (HDOs) are turning to hospital wayfinding technologies to improve operational efficiency, patient safety, care quality and to create a positive patient experience

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