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The Role of Mobile Apps in the Patient Experience

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 9:00 AM

As we move towards the Digital Hospital of the future, mobile apps are a key component to enhancing traditional wayfinding technology. We’re already using them for almost everything else in our daily lives, and as such we’ve developed a reliance on them for accurate, real-time information, instructions, and their simplification of our day-to-day actions. We depend on mobile apps to remove friction from our lives. An integral part of an enterprise wayfinding platform, mobile apps have the ability to effectively automate and streamline the overall patient experience. 

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San Francisco International Airport’s Award-Winning Indoor Mapping Solution

by Jibestream on 12/20/18 9:37 AM

Earlier this year, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) launched a new and innovative interactive map system that creates location awareness throughout the airport. The interactive maps help travelers navigate to points of interest (POI) within their large and complex facility including terminals, gates, security checkpoints, lounges, shops, restaurants, amenities, ground transportation and more.

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The Value of a Single Source of Truth for Indoor Maps

by Vinay Iyer on 12/18/18 9:02 AM

Have you ever been in a meeting where each participant was working from a different data set? There were likely a few misunderstandings that hindered your team’s ability to make valuable decisions and you may have found that any decisions that were made weren’t very effective. You can thank data fragmentation and data silos for all of these issues.

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How SDKs, Widgets, and Plugins Fit into Indoor Mapping Apps

by Aaron Wong on 12/11/18 9:24 AM

When we’re talking about app development and indoor mapping projects, a lot of technical terms get thrown around. Depending on your area of expertise, it’s easy to get confused about the often subtle differences between all these technical elements, and understand how they work together. Software Development Kits (SDKs), widgets, and plugins tend to fall into this group. The idea of using either an SDK or a widget to build your mapping app is a false dichotomy, and it’s really important to understand how they are actually used together to build rich, scalable solutions.

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Webinar: Transform your Corporate Campus Experience with Indoor Intelligence

by Jody Shaffer on 6/27/18 1:52 PM

Ready to transform your corporate workplace experience with indoor intelligence

Your company puts great value on an agile and delightful work environment. But with corporate campuses getting bigger and offices sprawling across multiple cities, this can result in some frustrating challenges for employees, clients, and visitors.

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