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Is Omnichannel Mapping the New Brand Standard?

by Express Image Digital on 12/17/19 10:07 AM

This post was contributed by Express Image Digital.

Picture this - your guest is planning a visit to your mall. At their fingertips, there are three or more platforms available to help them navigate to and within your mall, access information, find out about deals, build loyalty, and even share information with other potential customers.  Omnichannel mapping essentially enables this experience and powers the ability to access this kind of information from multiple devices at any time that suits the user. The omnichannel experience means that users can interact with your mall from the comfort of their home on mobile or desktop usage or by using interactive kiosks and continued mobile support at the venue.  Let’s dive into a few examples of the benefits of these omnichannel applications.

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How the Internet of Things is Delivering Experiential Wayfinding

by Jibestream on 2/28/19 9:50 AM

Updated February 28, 2019: This post was originally published on February 18th, 2015 and has been updated to reflect technology and market changes.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular term bouncing around the technology sector at the moment. In fact, this section of the market is earmarked for extraordinary growth; predictions are putting it at the largest device market in the world by 2019.” That’s how we started this post when we originally published it in 2015. Now that it’s 2019, we thought it was worth revisiting and updating this post to reflect all of the changes that have taken place over the last four years.

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The Role of Mobile Apps in the Patient Experience

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 9:00 AM

As we move towards the Digital Hospital of the future, mobile apps are a key component to enhancing traditional wayfinding technology. We’re already using them for almost everything else in our daily lives, and as such we’ve developed a reliance on them for accurate, real-time information, instructions, and their simplification of our day-to-day actions. We depend on mobile apps to remove friction from our lives. An integral part of an enterprise wayfinding platform, mobile apps have the ability to effectively automate and streamline the overall patient experience. 

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5 Ways Experiential Wayfinding can Improve Healthcare for Veterans

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 8:47 AM


Advances in digital wayfinding technologies are giving rise to new opportunities for radically improved customer experiences across a number of industries. One place that stands to benefit significantly from these advances in location-aware technologies is the healthcare sector. The opportunity to reduce the anxiety of patients visiting healthcare facilities, improve the patient experience, and ultimately increase the efficiencies and operations for healthcare facilities is significant. 

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How Wayfinding is Improving Efficiencies and the Patient Experience

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 8:01 AM

Over the course of the last decade, public spaces have increasingly digitized their assets and implemented interactive wayfinding systems into their facilities to improve customer experiences. From airports and major transportation hubs to innovative corporate campuses and shopping malls, public spaces are increasingly prioritizing internal navigation. One of the sectors that undoubtedly stands to benefit the most from the advances in location-aware technologies is healthcare. 

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