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Webinar: Navigating a Better Patient Experience - Lee Health's Digital Transformation

by Jody Shaffer on 1/3/19 9:15 AM

It's an exciting time for the healthcare industry and emerging digital technologies. The industry is on the crest of digital transformation and healthcare providers are set to ride the proverbial wave by leveraging indoor mapping and location-aware technology to create an environment that is both situationally aware and patient-centric. Among those innovating is Southwest Florida's healthcare system, Lee Health.

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The Role of Mobile Apps in the Patient Experience

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 9:00 AM

As we move towards the Digital Hospital of the future, mobile apps are a key component to enhancing traditional wayfinding technology. We’re already using them for almost everything else in our daily lives, and as such we’ve developed a reliance on them for accurate, real-time information, instructions, and their simplification of our day-to-day actions. We depend on mobile apps to remove friction from our lives. An integral part of an enterprise wayfinding platform, mobile apps have the ability to effectively automate and streamline the overall patient experience. 

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Hospital Wayfinding: The Key to Changing the Healthcare System

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 8:47 AM

Healthcare delivery systems are an integral element of any society and is usually considered a good indicator of how developed that society is. There have been numerous exciting breakthroughs in the healthcare sector over the years, which has resulted in both the extension of peoples' lives and an improved worldwide standard of living.

Most of these big healthcare breakthroughs have appeared in the form of new medicines or vaccine discoveries. However, there has now been a breakthrough in the running of healthcare operations that has the potential to save lives through sheer efficiency: Experiential Wayfinding.

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How Wearable Devices Are Improving Patient Care

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 8:35 AM

When you think of wearable devices in relation to health care, you likely imagine devices that analyze sleep patterns, measure your heart rate, or monitor your blood oxygen. They're all largely designed to collect superficial data about the state of well-being of a younger, relatively healthy group of people, and are marketed as such. Meanwhile, the demographic who could undeniably benefit most from wearable technology, the older or chronically ill people, are largely ignored. 

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Wayfinding - the engine powering the 'digital hospital' of the future

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 8:34 AM

In an era when patients expect to be treated as valued 'customers' and hospitals are measured by patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores, innovative hospital administrators know that an exceptional patient experience is no longer simply a ‘nice-to-have'; instead, it's become a competitive differentiator.

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