Maps Tell Important Stories

by Trish Sissons on 10/3/18 12:32 PM

I once had a professor - the esteemed communications and social change researcher, Dr. Martin Laba - who taught me what is potentially the most important thing I learned in university, and I think it’s something we all know intuitively on some level.

No matter the culture or context, storytelling is the key to human connection. Humans everywhere connect, communicate, empathize, and advance through stories.

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The World is Round, Your Map is Not

by Kara Wilson Oliver on 8/29/18 1:04 PM

I once tried to gift wrap a soccer ball. It taught me an invaluable lesson.

Assuming you agree with me that the earth is round, it might be surprising to learn that the map of the world we studied in grade school is wrong. Did Mrs. Valenski lie to me?

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