See you at TechVibes Tech Fest!

by Jibestream on 9/14/15 2:02 PM

 We're always looking for the best and the brightest, and where better to find them than at the leading-edge tech event in Toronto!

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JibeTalking The Internet of Things, iBeacons in Retail and the PanAm Games

by Jibestream on 7/9/15 10:38 PM

Welcome to a new JibeTalk featuring of the latest news in wayfinding technology!

JibeTalk is our weekly newsletter brought to you by the JibeStream Team, with curated links of interest in the wayfinding world to help educate and entertain on location-aware technologies, indoor mapping and wearable technologies.

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Making Sense of Mobile Location-Based Services

by Jibestream on 6/3/15 3:25 AM

Mobile location-based services offer numerous benefits, from simplified navigation and locating personnel, to tracking objects. Crucial to digital wayfinding and indoor navigation, mobile location is now widely expected by users in several industries.

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9 Ways Companies are Using Wayfinding Software

by Jibestream on 6/1/15 2:42 AM

Wayfinding software has become an invaluable tool on corporate campuses. Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms (EWP) go far beyond indoor mapping or showing users how to navigate from point A to B. In fact, they will play an integral role in supporting the future Digital Workplace; integrating location-sensing technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), indoor mapping technologies, business applications and more, through a single platform.

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Mobile Devices and the Future of Indoor Navigation

by Jibestream on 5/28/15 8:37 AM

Indoor navigation is becoming a necessary, and even expected technology in many situations, from malls and hospitals to corporate campuses and more. Combined with enterprise wayfinding software, indoor navigation is providing users with numerous benefits beyond navigation from point A to point B.

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