The Importance of Context and Personalization Through Indoor Maps

by Chris Wiegand on 5/16/16 2:05 PM

“Location, location, location” has long been the buzz phrase for finding a home or business. It applies equally well to understanding the exact whereabouts and proximity of someone in the context of a map within a building. Knowing a person’s location in real time is the most important element in being able to enhance their Experience of Place, as well as creating a myriad of other operational value.

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Experience of Place [JibeTalks]

by Jean Moncrieff on 10/21/15 2:13 PM

At Jibestream, our people are outstanding at creating an exceptional Experience of Place

Not to blow our own horn, but we have some of the most talented people in the world, developing a software platform that combines emerging location-aware technologies with business applications; harnessing the power of the IoT, mapping, proximity, data, and business rules, to make places instantly familiar.

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