Webinar: Transform your Corporate Campus Experience with Indoor Intelligence

by Jibestream on 6/27/18 1:52 PM

Ready to transform your corporate workplace experience with indoor intelligence? 

Your company puts great value on an agile and delightful work environment. But with corporate campuses getting bigger and offices sprawling across multiple cities, this can result in some frustrating challenges for employees, clients, and visitors.

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Digital Workplace of the Future

by Jeannie on 6/6/18 11:15 AM

Smart workplaces begin with smarter use of technology. As the business world continues to be driven by the digital evolution, workplaces have to adapt. 

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A Better Way to Create Efficiencies in the Agile Office

by Shane George on 6/8/16 3:31 PM

The ever-increasing number of employee devices and channels of communication are complicating the agile work environment. If not integrated properly these tools that are meant to achieve efficiencies could quickly become marginally useful and hard to manage.

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Indoor Navigation Facilitates an Agile Workplace

by Shane George on 1/21/16 1:18 PM

As millennials become a larger portion of the workforce, the barriers typically associated with the adoption of new technologies are disappearing. Mobile apps now play an important role in the digital workplace; increasing efficiency and improving productivity. This is especially true of indoor navigation and wayfinding apps – combining location aware technology with existing business applications, like conference room scheduling – facilitating the trend toward a more agile workplace.

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How Wayfinding Improves the Digital Workplace

by Jean Moncrieff on 11/25/15 4:49 PM

Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms are bringing mapping and location-aware technologies to the digital workplace, improving productivity and workplace management.


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