Digital Workplace of the Future

by Jeannie on 6/6/18 11:15 AM

Smart workplaces begin with smarter use of technology. As the business world continues to be driven by the digital evolution, workplaces have to adapt. 

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Indoor Navigation Facilitates an Agile Workplace

by Shane George on 1/21/16 1:18 PM

As millennials become a larger portion of the workforce, the barriers typically associated with the adoption of new technologies are disappearing. Mobile apps now play an important role in the digital workplace; increasing efficiency and improving productivity. This is especially true of indoor navigation and wayfinding apps – combining location aware technology with existing business applications, like conference room scheduling – facilitating the trend toward a more agile workplace.

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Managing an Agile Workforce using Wayfinding Software

by Jibestream on 10/13/15 8:10 AM

The modern workplace is both agile and collaborative. An environment characterised by fluidity, where employees tend to collocate in multipurpose spaces across campus, to get work done. To support agile work patterns, facilities managers are turning to location-aware technologies, which give them better insights into how employees use the space around them.

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Measuring employee performance in the Digital Workplace

by Jibestream on 9/30/15 6:34 AM

In an recent, much-talked-about decision Accenture has decided to forego the obsolete annual performance reviews for all its 330,000 employees. The decision was brought one by the new generation shaping the workplace, Millennials or Gen Y, who is known to be a performance-driven generation. 

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Transitioning to the Digital Workplace

by Jibestream on 9/24/15 5:51 AM

Built on a culture of collaboration and agility, digital workplaces are quickly becoming the new norm for competitive companies. Regardless of the industry they conduct their business in, companies are evolving towards a technology-centric business model.

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