Webinar: What's Under the Hood? A Technology Deep Dive

by Jibestream on 6/9/17 9:55 AM

Ready to embed high-fidelity indoor maps into existing web or mobile applications to create location awareness? 

Join us on Wednesday, June 15th for a complimentary webinar where we will take an in-depth look at what's involved in adding spatial context to your data.

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Webinar: Data is Complex—We Make it Simple

by Jibestream on 5/4/17 8:56 AM

You have an immense amount of data, but it can be difficult to quickly aggregate and utilize. 

Join us on Tuesday, May 16th for a complimentary webinar and hear from industry experts on how you can join the ranks of organizations who have adapted to the shifting market dynamic and are successfully translating data into operational cost savings and insights.

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What is the best system for achieving 'Blue Dot' indoors?

by Akshay Konjier on 7/5/16 1:43 PM

Did you know that most people spend 90% of their time indoors? Given this sheer amount of time coupled with the staggering growth in the absolute size of indoor spaces, it's no wonder that people are finding it more difficult to navigate while inside. Recognizing the issues and impact associated with people being lost indoors, venue owners in various industries such as corporate offices, shopping malls and hospitals are beginning to invest in technologies to help improve indoor navigation for their patrons. 

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Bluetooth Beacons Provide New Value Inside the Hospital

by Jibestream on 11/3/15 4:18 PM

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, although a relatively new technology, hold the potential for hospitals to revolutionize both the visitor and patient experience, as well as improve hospital operations and patient care. Along with wayfinding kiosks, mobile devices, and digital maps, BLE beacons can enable hospitals to improve location and proximity awareness, creating a more familiar and efficient environment for patients and visitors.

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Indoor Phone Positioning, iBeacon vs NFC vs GPS and Eddystone

by Jibestream on 7/24/15 4:17 PM

In today’s JibeTalk we're looking at some of the stories trending on indoor positioning and beacon technology; IMEDEA is doing some interesting stuff to improve Time-of-Flight (ToF) measurements, the battle between Indoor Location Technology rages on, and Google launches their answer to Apple's iBeacons. 

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