5 Ways Enterprise Wayfinding is Shaping the Mall of the Future

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 7:45 AM

What comes to mind when you imagine the mall of the future? As consumers, one would hope that it would be easily accessible, navigation would be simple and straightforward, and the stores you stop at seem to know what you want before you do. From the REIT and retailer side of the coin, there's a desire to be able to lead customers directly to your store, offer them exactly what they want and are likely to buy, and to be able to reach out to them more effectively in critical buying moments.

As futuristic as these ideas may seem,  Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms (EWP) are already able to make these dreams a reality.

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Location-Aware Technologies Enhance Patient Care

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 7:43 AM

As hospitals strive to improve patient care delivery, healthcare providers, health delivery network IT, and clinical leadership teams are all looking toward location-aware technologies to help develop and deliver a Real-Time Healthcare System (RTHS) to improve efficiency across the continuum of care.

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Bluetooth Beacons Provide New Value Inside the Hospital

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 7:07 AM

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons provide an unprecedented opportunity for hospitals to revolutionize both the visitor and patient experience, whilst also improving hospital operations and patient care. Along with digital wayfinding kiosks, mobile devices, and digital indoor maps, BLE beacons can enable hospitals to improve location and proximity awareness, creating a more familiar and efficient environment for patients and visitors.

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Hospital Asset Management and Location-Aware Technologies

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 5:56 AM

Hospital asset tracking and management is one of the biggest challenges facing facilities managers, clinical engineers, nurses, healthcare distribution, and transportation services. Although hundreds of hours are spent documenting inventories and actively trying to locate equipment, asset management processes within hospitals are too often highly inefficient and lead to a lower quality of care in some cases. It is estimated that more than one third of nurses spend at least an hour per shift searching for equipment. In the world of healthcare delivery, that time that could undoubtedly be better spent focusing on the patient’s medical needs.

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Mobile Devices with Indoor Maps Revolutionize Shopping Malls

by Jibestream on 1/1/19 4:55 AM

Shopping malls and REITs have taken a bit of a battering in the past decade thanks to the ecommerce and online retail alternatives that have become available to time-constrained consumers. However, even with access to online retailing, consumers are still likely to visit physical retailers for various reasons ranging from physical product validation to experiential inclinations. Innovative shopping mall owners and REITs recognize that the retail experience now spans both the realms of online and traditional in-store shopping. 

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