Improving the Patient Experience through Hospital Wayfinding

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Patient-centric healthcare delivery organizations understand that a positive patient experience goes beyond the physician consultation or the actual procedure. They are increasingly turning to hospital indoor wayfinding technologies to improve operational efficiency, patient safety, care quality, and to create a positive patient experience at every stage of treatment

Making hospital wayfinding tools available to patients and visitors throughout the entire continuum of care - appointment creation, journey to the hospital, consultation and diagnosis and follow-up treatment - contributes to the delivery of a more efficient patient flow while creating a positive patient experience.

Visiting a hospital is often a stressful experience because of the circumstances, but that stress doesn't need to be amplified by friction moving through the healthcare system. Healthcare providers like Kaleida Health and Lee Health have begun implementing location-aware technologies to create award-winning apps that are revolutionizing the patient experience.

While it may seem like a daunting undertaking, the steps and benefits are actually quite clear. We examined how hospitals can redesign the patient experience using indoor maps and location-aware technologies to implement digital wayfinding and translated it into a visual, step-by-step process. Take a look at the Slideshare below:



Better Healthcare Through Connected Technology


Learn how hospitals are improving healthcare delivery through connected technologies

Updated January 1, 2019: This post was originally published on June 24th, 2015 and has been updated to provide more information.

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