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How Railway Stations are Digitally Transforming to Face the Future

by Vinay Iyer on 1/29/19 8:56 AM

Following a decline in usage after World War II, rail transport has seen a revival in popularity in recent decades thanks to an increase in congestion on roads, rising fuel prices, and government investment in rail as a means of reducing CO2 emissions. In much of the world, railway stations and passenger train transportation is ingrained in the infrastructure of cities, and account for a significant portion of public space. Railway stations are a fixture in our cityscapes and are in the process of a digital transformation in the face of centuries of legacy systems and technology.

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The Value of a Single Source of Truth for Indoor Maps

by Vinay Iyer on 12/18/18 9:02 AM

Have you ever been in a meeting where each participant was working from a different data set? There were likely a few misunderstandings that hindered your team’s ability to make valuable decisions and you may have found that any decisions that were made weren’t very effective. You can thank data fragmentation and data silos for all of these issues.

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