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Wayfinding and Blue Dot: What's the difference?

by Jibestream on 9/10/19 8:33 AM

When you’re starting your digital wayfinding journey, it’s helpful to know the distinctions in terminology as you begin conversations with various vendors. One of the most common misconceptions we see is around the distinction between ‘wayfinding’ and ‘Blue Dot,’ and it’s important to differentiate as it can impact the type of technology you actually need.

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Webinar: Indoor Mapping 101 - Unlocking Opportunity

by Jibestream on 8/20/19 9:10 AM

It's back to school season and class is in session! Throughout the month of September, we'll be hosting a webinar series taking you through the basics of indoor mapping and location intelligence use cases. 

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3 Indoor Location Sharing Use Cases That Users Will Love

by Jibestream on 8/7/19 9:58 AM

Location sharing on personal devices can be a contentious topic and organizations planning on deploying location-aware apps with indoor location sharing capabilities must be cognisant of the landscape they’re entering. For example, when one searches for ‘location sharing’ on Google, amidst the first page results are frequent user queries for instructions on how to disable location sharing on their various smartphones. 

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Approaching Digital Transformation in the Hospitality Industry

by Jibestream on 7/11/19 8:58 AM

Albert Einstein once said that "in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” meaning that our challenges are also the greatest opportunities for success. It’s no secret that technology adoption has long been a challenge for many in the hospitality industry, and a large contributor to negative public perception. However, in spite of this legacy of innovation lag, a wave of digital transformation has begun to make its way across the industry in recent years as hoteliers seize upon the opportunity hiding within the difficulty. 

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New Release - 4.11 Feature Roundup

by Jibestream on 6/20/19 9:20 AM

We’ve been busy building out some of our users’ favorite features to give users more mapping power. From map management to new styling capabilities, the latest release of our indoor mapping and location platform - version 4.11 - means an even more robust and intuitive Content Management System (CMS) for Jibestream clients with new features and increased functionality.

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