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5 Ways Mobile Apps are Transforming Veteran Experiences

by Jean Moncrieff on 4/13/16 2:25 PM


Given the rapid increase in smartphone use, it's not surprising that according to a recent FICO global survey, more than half (54%) of health consumers want more interactions with their healthcare providers using mobile apps and other mobile functionality. However, research by Accenture shows that hospitals are reaching just 2 percent of their patient populations through mobile applications. 

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8 Ways to Create a Holistic Experience at the Airport

by Jean Moncrieff on 4/1/16 11:43 AM

Being part of a rapidly growing tech company means I spend a lot of time traveling – more so because our head office is in Toronto and I'm based in Europe. And while a career involving lots of travel may sound ideal, airlines and airports are anything but fun. So when I read that Westfield had recently brought together industry thought leaders and innovators in an effort to streamline the traveler experience, I thought I'd put together a list of my own ideas for improving the whole airport experience.

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Indoor Mapping, the “Build versus Buy” Dilemma

by Jean Moncrieff on 3/18/16 12:44 PM


Companies across numerous industries are building cross platform apps with indoor navigation or adding navigation features to existing apps. Mostly, they have the same goal, to improve customer experiences, and are faced with the same dilemma, “Build versus Buy”.

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#LostInTheMall? Not with Indoor Navigation

by Jean Moncrieff on 3/5/16 5:06 AM

We thought we would end the week with some fun posts from shoppers taking to social media to express their frustration at getting lost in upscale shopping centers. Even with in-mall directories, many of us are simply directionally challenged and have trouble figuring out where we are.

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Shopping Mall Apps Enhance a Shopper's Path to Purchase

by Jean Moncrieff on 2/19/16 11:41 AM

A fully integrated shopping mall app will enhance a shopper’s path to purchase and affect incremental visits and spending at your shopping mall properties. 

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