7 Ways Jibestream Mobilizes Our Customers for Success

Posted by Lesley Browne on 7/23/19 10:18 AM

Lesley Browne, VP of Success

At Jibestream, we use indoor mapping technology, integrations, and automation to help make spaces smarter and more easily navigable, supporting the deployment of complex location-aware Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in our client’s buildings. While we work with automation, our approach to Customer Success is anything but automated. These projects are not small undertakings, and it’s because we understand that access to our support team and resources is critical to our customers that we’ve developed our comprehensive customer success program. 


Jibestream's Commitment to Customer Success

Jibestream has grown significantly over the last decade, and our clients have been central to our growth. Working with many of the world’s leading enterprise organizations has brought valuable teachings. From industry-specific best practices to daily efficiencies, we capitalize on every lesson learned. 

We view our clients as partners, and part of the value of that partnership is the sharing of our knowledge. Our proactive customer success program is about getting to know your team, and advising based on your business needs. Working hand in hand allows us to succeed, and quickly.


Expert Technical Support

In addition to our wide range of industry knowledge, we know our product and the nuances of indoor mapping inside out. Our team of solution experts have been a part of the growing Jibestream offering from the beginning, and it shows in our support and delivery.

We pride ourselves on providing clear, concise issue resolution, as it pertains to your specific solution. Canned responses just aren’t our style.



There are many types of requests and issues we will work on together throughout our partnership. There should never be any guesswork when it comes to getting what you need. Our comprehensive service levels are based on response and resolution times. Working efficiently means understanding the impact of a request, resolving it appropriately and communicating swiftly.

We know it’s easier for you to plan your work when you know what to expect from us, and we will always be committed to clear expectations and efficient processes.


A Collaborative Approach

We know that tracking support requests and issues via email can be a nightmare. As a Jibestream client, you’ll get access to our Help Center for full access, ownership, and management of your request queue. We will collaborate on tickets right through to resolution and you will always have access to your own support history for project management. 


Access to Information

Teams work differently and everyone learns in their own unique ways. Studies show that the majority of software customers prefer to access information on their own and educate themselves. Who are we to stand in your way?

We have been busy building a full suite of instructional and educational resources to equip your team for success from the outset. Whether it’s technical documentation, a quick FAQ sheet, or a how-to video for your administrators, we have you covered across a wide breadth of topics and media formats.


The Latest and Greatest in Indoor Mapping Technology

Being a part of the Jibestream community means you get access to the latest product developments, optimizations, and improvements. We won’t wait for you to find that nasty bug. We also listen to what our customers need, want, and could do without. It is our job in Customer Success to help craft the Jibestream direction based on what we hear from you. So not only do you get access to the latest developments in indoor mapping technology, you also get to shape the future of the platform.


Need a little more?

Some days, we all need a little extra help. When the documentation and instructional materials aren’t enough, our dedicated Professional Services team can help with meeting that go-live launch deadline or support you in training that new employee.

We’re so focused on providing such comprehensive support because we know that we’re not successful until you are. 


If you're preparing to undertake an indoor mapping journey, download this checklist to make sure you're on the path to wayfinding success.

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Lesley Browne

Written by Lesley Browne

Lesley is an accomplished, self-directed leader with extensive experience in Client Services. As an innate problem solver she thrives when working with people and process and is passionate about scaling Customer Success through rapid growth. Lesley keeps busy during off time with her hobby du jour. To various degrees of success, these include electric guitar, knitting and most recently gardening.