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Our highly configurable and flexible mapping platform integrates with enterprise applications to deliver customized indoor map-enabled business apps

Experiential Wayfinding

Add real-time turn-by-turn, landmark based indoor navigation with a blue dot experience.

Asset Tracking & Status

Monitor the location of key assets, including people and equipment. Manage assets in real-time and via historical spatial reports.

Business Intelligence

Make sense of complex data through location; gain visibility into operations through location data and make smarter more actionable decisions.


Improve the indoor spatial awareness of security teams; respond to critical building security issues faster by using indoor geo-fences to alert security.

Building Energy Efficiency

Enable customers to use indoor maps to track, visualize and control building temperature and lighting systems.

Intelligent Parking

Help visitors seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor maps to find the best parking spot and navigate to their destination within a building.

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