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Indoor Navigation and Mapping Technology

Powerful Dashboard


Our dashboard offers a powerful interface to administrators needing to manage essential system functions: to update maps, move and manage destinations, create messaging  rules, and update content across multiple devices in real-time (mobile, web, touch display).

Map Management

Our graphical map builder allows administrators to manage map locations from a single floor, through to multiple floors across a global portfolio of buildings.

Map Management
Content Management

Content Management

Store and manage all your content in a central repository. Using our intuitive content management tools you can configure static messages or messages designed to be delivered based on a schedule, specific event or business rule.

Device Management

The platform is designed to allow administrators to build Omni-Channel experiences across multiple mediums. A key benefit of the platform is the ability to make updates and have them pushed to all devices in real-time.

Device Management
Reporting and Insights

Reporting & Insights

The platform gathers data across all sources delivering real-time reporting  and insights. Data can be viewed in our dashboard or imported into your own BI tool. 

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