Map Design and Core Features

+ Intuitive Map and Interface

We offer a wide range of map styles, including 2D and 3D with multi-floor transitions for heads-up wayfinding. Each map and user interface can be customized to become an extension of your brand.

+ Inclusive Design

NovoMap’s user interface combines accessibility and functionality that meets and exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (508 Compliance) guidelines.

+ Any Glass

The interface can be applied to any web-enabled device with our HTML5 interface. NovoMap leverages responsive design practices, making the system available anywhere your users are.

+ Searching

How easily users find their way can determine their experience. With our robust search functionality, users are not limited and can search by department, destinations or keywords.

+ Multilingual

NovoMap supports multiple languages for both end users and administrators.


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Beyond Interior Wayfinding

+ Google Maps Integration

Our Google Maps Enterprise licence allows our clients and partners access to APIs not available on the public version.

+ Extended Experience

With Google Maps Engine integration, users can route directly to their destination, with added benefits such as real-time traffic information and directions throughout their journey.

+ Trip Planning

Through a personalized Google Maps experience, we provide trip planning using information from several transit authorities for seamless routing across any major city.

+ Location Aware

Using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and ultrasound technologies, we enable geofencing, allowing for accurate user locations

+ Local Amenities

For visitors as well as locals, information such as popular restaurants, hotels, and theatre productions can be displayed using Google Places within NovoMap.


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Messaging Tools

+ Proximity Messaging

Using location awareness technologies, you can send out messages to users based on their location.

+ Triggers

Messaging can be sent to users based on the time of day, weather, destination and other real-time variables to provide valuable information.

+ Community Events

NovoMap can display local events within the interactive calendar, enhancing a sense of community.

+ Gallery

Sponsors can provide images and videos for posting, so visitors can see what’s happening for events and at local venues.


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Functional Integrations

+ Video Collaboration

Voice and video calling give users instant access to live support, allowing venues to centralize support resources.

+ Live Streaming

Instead of waiting in line, employees can view real time streaming video of their desired restaurant to see how busy it is beforehand.

+ Meeting On Time

Meeting rooms on corporate campuses can be hard to find and book at the last minute, causing expensive delays. By integrating NovoMap with meeting room scheduling software like Exchange, staff can find and reserve rooms in real-time.

+ Patient Information Integration

Strategic partnerships enable us to integrate patient information, personalizing the user experience with information specific to their hospital visit.

+ Smart Card Integration

NovoMap uses visitor recognition tools such as loyalty and travel cards, or Near Field Communications (NFC), to send users personalized messaging, scheduling, routing and offers.


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NovoMap User eXperience Manager

+ Overview

Jibestream has created a powerful new management tool, our NovoMap User eXperienceManager, or UXM.

With all of the integrations we provide, the ability to manage routing and maps, as well as content, we needed much more than a content management system. That’s why we developed our own UXM, to centralize administration in our intelligent intuitive system.


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Business Management Tools

+ Workflow Improvements

Using visitor recognition tools like health cards, payment and loyalty cards, users can receive personalized messaging, scheduling and offers.

+ Business Rules Engine

Through NovoMap, triggered messaging of ads, events and places can provide a new stream of revenue.

+ Keep it Current

NovoMap customers benefit from a published development roadmap, dedicated product manager, and support from a full-time development team.

We develop features based on clients’ needs. The product team reviews requests, and prioritizes our development cycle accordingly


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Functionality and Features

+ One Management Tool

Our User eXperience Manager (UXM) was created with ease of use in mind. Maps can be updated with the click of a mouse, using drag-and-drop changes.

+ Secure System

Our clients include the Pentagon and other high-security buildings. Security is top of mind and paramount with all deployments. Our architecture is secure and flexible, and can be adjusted to accommodate on-site IT protocols.

+ Scalability and Interoperability

NovoMap is a web application with a modern architecture, integrating with third party systems through RESTful APIs and web services.

+ Automated Routing

We offer Building Automation System integration for real-time status updates and path closures. NovoMap has intelligent routing that will automatically re-route users around broken elevators and escalators.


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