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Jibestream at Zebra AppFORUM 2017

by Jibestream on 4/18/17 9:56 AM

Jibestream will be presenting at Zebra's APPFORUM 2017 on the company's Indoor Intelligence platform and the various use cases that are enabled by embedding maps into web and mobile applications.

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Kaleida Health Adds Experiential Wayfinding to App Using Jibestream’s Indoor Intelligence Platform

by Jibestream on 3/14/17 9:12 AM

TORONTO, March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Jibestream, the premier Indoor Intelligence platform provider, announced today that Kaleida Health, the largest healthcare provider in Western New York, has added experiential wayfinding with blue-dot capabilities to its Oishei Children’s Outpatient Center using Jibestream’s Indoor Intelligence map development platform.

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Real Time Health with Experiential Wayfinding

by Jibestream on 3/1/17 3:01 PM

The market dynamic in healthcare is shifting. With immense pressure to improve patient experience and grant access to timely information and insights into healthcare choices, providers are faced with the challenge of evolving to create situational awareness.

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CEO and Co-founder of Jibestream to Speak at HiMSS17

by Jibestream on 2/2/17 11:10 AM

CEO and co-founder of Jibestream, Chris Wiegand, will be speaking at the 2017 HiMSS Annual Conference on Real-Time Health with Experiential Wayfinding

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Jibestream Named One of the Fastest Growing IoT Companies

by Jibestream on 7/21/16 1:23 PM

 Jibestream has been named among the 30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies for 2016. Improving efficiency, productivity and engagement for clients globally; Jibestream is the world’s premier indoor mapping platform.

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WSJ: Shopping Malls Embrace IoT

by Jeannie on 6/15/16 11:49 AM

Parking and indoor navigation are among the key offerings according to The Wall Street Journal

The 'uberization' of nearly everything is happening all around us and at lightning speed. An app that you use and rely on today may very well be trumped by an even better app the next day. How does a mall landlord ensure that their solutions will provide real value for thier customers and be future proof?

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Jibestream chosen by ICSC to showcase at RECon Innovation Lounge

by Jibestream on 5/6/16 9:46 AM

TORONTO, May 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Jibestream, an indoor mapping specialist, announces that they have been chosen by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) as an innovative technology company that will be showcased in the Innovation Lounge and guest speaking at RECon 2016.

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Unparalleled Growth Trajectory for Jibestream's Indoor Mapping Engine

by Jean Moncrieff on 4/1/16 8:00 AM

Indoor Mapping specialist Jibestream reports over 250% growth … delivering navigation and wayfinding to over 200 premier Shopping Malls in the past 6 months alone.  

Jibestream has been adding clients and expanding globally, including two of the world's largest Shopping Malls portfolios, Veteran Affairs Hospitals and Corporate Campuses.  Key to their success has been the development of a powerful indoor mapping engine that clients andpartners can use to enable indoor wayfinding across mobile apps, the web and interactive kiosks.

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Next app frontier: ‘Where’s the washroom in this place?

by Jibestream on 3/8/16 9:34 AM

If you’ve flown through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport recently, you may have noticed interactive kiosks offering directions to gates, washrooms, shops and other facilities.

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Digital Natives Drive Situational Awareness

by Jean Moncrieff on 9/25/15 8:00 AM

The way we work is changing. This palpable shift is driven by a generation of digital natives, who favour flexibility over structure; they are self-directing and results-oriented and they are accustomed to using consumer-oriented applications to get the job done.

While they don’t mind putting in the hours, they don’t see the need to be at work at the same time everyday, work at the same desk every day, or work in the same country as their employer. In fact, these talented individuals seek the freedom to pursue a variety of activities during the workday, hence the growing trend toward freelancing – according to Forbes an estimated 34% of the U.S. workforce is already freelancing.

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