Corporate Campus Wayfinding Solutions

Sprawling corporate campuses can present frustrating challenges for staff, clients and visitors. Our goal is to help companies improve experience and workflow efficiencies through connected technologies.

Using information collected from digital connection points – beacons, mapping engine, and scheduling systems – our wayfinding solutions will help navigate between multiple buildings, find open meeting rooms, and locate available hot desks. We make you more productive.


Let’s look at Maria's experience

Maria has to book an emergency team meeting on the fly.  In order to do so, she has to find an unoccupied boardroom for the meeting, reserve it and notify her team of the impending meeting with its location complete with turn-by-turn directions.

The boardroom she has reserved is an unfamiliar campus building that she has not previously been to. Following the turn-by-turn directions on her tablet she follows the path and walks to the building. Once inside she is navigated to the boardroom and greets her team members.

After the meeting has been completed she wants to discuss the resolution with the VP of Operations.  She finds his hoteling location on the app and walks over to meet with him.




Through the use of our intelligent wayfinding system, Maria is able to book her meeting, alert her staff, and then navigate to the meeting, arriving on time.

By capturing Maria’s intent to book an emergency meeting and using information from various intelligent systems, we can shape her journey. Delivering this experience through her smart phone we fulfill her goal and enhance her experience.

The Jibestream corporate wayfinding solution improves staff and visitor satisfaction by providing up to date location information in real time. Eliminating confusion, we help reduce the time it takes to find staff offices, meeting rooms, and hoteling stations.

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