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Career Opportunities in Technology

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Jibestream is an award winning and rapidly growing software company that specializes in helping people navigate physical environments by delivering meaningful information at the right time and place. Jibestream is servicing world-class clients such as the Pentagon, Mall of the Emirates, Veteran’s Affairs Hospitals among many others.


"Through my role at Jibestream I’ve been able to learn from a variety of great professionals, and really develop my career and potential, all while having a great time!

An open-minded culture, quirky Hipchat conversations, and challenging (but exciting) work, are just a few of the many highlights of working at Jibestream."

Mehru Khurshid Project Coordinator

"I used to hate Sundays. Sundays meant that I needed to go to work the next day at a mundane workplace. But ever since I started to work at Jibestream, my feelings for Sundays has changed. Enjoying what you do is really important, but what’s even more important is that you’re surrounded by people with like-minds and bright ideas, with positive energy and positive attitudes. Jibestream is full of people just like that, and that’s what keeps my day going."

Gavin Fung UI/UX Designer

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Jibestream is on a mission to create exceptional experiences of place. If you’re looking to work with a talented, innovative team; passionate about transforming the way people interact with the space around them, we have an opportunity for you.
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